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The National Park Service Turns 100 – Recommended Reading

Do you love the National Parks? Do you have epic stories about camping in Yellowstone or Yosemite or any of the other magnificent parks in the United States? In honor of the “best idea we’ve ever had” (Wallace Stegner, 1983), let’s talk about and read about the National Parks this summer. Suggested List of National… Continue reading The National Park Service Turns 100 – Recommended Reading

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Up Your Badass Quipping

Alternate titles: Up Your Badass Quippery, Quipitude, Quipping aptitude  – Oh Snap! Badass one liners revisited So, everyone knows the tough guy, badass, macho, no smiles, prodigiously muscled, perpetually sweaty, dude who spits out terse one liners of extreme badassery, right? “Are you going to do something? Or just stand there and bleed.” – Tombstone… Continue reading Up Your Badass Quipping

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If You Give a Librarian a Cookie…

Originally posted on Rule Number One: A Library Blog:
I’ve always loved to bake. When I was in high school, I would make a dozen kinds of Christmas cookies every year, pack them up in colorful Tupperware and ribbons, and give them to friends, family, and teachers. In college, I’d bake drop cookies or cupcakes…

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Bringing Awesomeness to Elevator Pitches

Have you ever heard of an elevator pitch? Apparently, it is the savvy scheme for any hip, job hunter extraordinaire (see What does this have to do with libraries you may be wondering? Librarians also need a way to quickly brand and explain their awesomeness. So, in an effort to bring about world harmony via employment strategies… Continue reading Bringing Awesomeness to Elevator Pitches

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Religious Students in Academic Libraries

Do you think college students should be allowed to pray or conduct religious behavior using college study rooms? How can a state educational institution ensure one group of student’s religious liberty while supporting a different and even conflicting group’s religious liberty? Some colleges have created interfaith prayer and meditation rooms that are open to all… Continue reading Religious Students in Academic Libraries